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EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is based on the work of American scientist Dr Roger Callahan. Callahan’s technique was called TFT (Thought Field Therapy) showed that people could reduce emotional overwhelm.

Gary Craig took Callahan’s work and developed it further to found EFT. Craig discovered that by using the techniques he adapted from TFT to become EFT, many issues and physical problems could be solved.
Emotional Freedom Technique Your focus is your choice.

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique with Alan Curtis

Issues EFT can help with

  • Allergies and Anger
  • Respiratory problems and Addictions
  • Blood Pressure and Weight Loss
  • Relationship Issues and anxiety
  • Women’s issues and trauma
  • Children’s issues and depression
  • Pain relief, fears and phobias

What can EFT do for you?

  • Wanting more financial abundance?
  • Searching for more spiritual fulfilment?
  • Looking for deeper friendships and love relationships?
  • Hoping for more vibrant health and a stronger body?
  • Asking for unlimited prosperity

EFT can release

  • Vibrant Health
  • Deeper spiritual connections
  • Looking for deeper friendships and love relationships?
  • Fulfilling relationships
  • And anything else on your list. Beliefs & Expectations

Everything is about vibration

Everything holds its own vibration – colours, words, people, places, foods, attitudes. When you can learn to change your vibration so that it attracts the abundance that you want rather than repels it, your life will change immediately. We are always vibrating, so it makes sense to control this vibration for our advantage. The easiest way to raise your personal vibration in order to attract what you want is by using EFT.

Consider these questions:

When you think about money, what is your vibration about it?

When you think of your body, how are you vibrating?

What about when you think of finding a perfect life partner?

What feelings surface?

If anything other than joy and relaxation surfaces when you focus on these topics, you are not vibrating in a place that will pull what you want towards you.

Focus, choice & Law of attraction

When we have choices, we feel free. When we are free, we feel better. When we feel better, we are more relaxed. When we are more relaxed and free, we are automatically vibrating in a better place and we find that what we want is naturally drawn towards us, with very little effort.

Your focus is your choice

No one else is responsible for making you have a bad day. EFT is the best and easiest tool to help us clean up our focus and vibrate on a joyful plane. Which will be in turn; magnetise our desires right into our lives.  We live and operate in a world of magnetic attraction. We just don’t make the most efficient use of it.

Belief and expectation

Did you know that the beliefs you hold consciously or in your subconscious mind are compulsive? What this means is that whatever you believe in your subconscious mind must come true, no matter what. If you believe you aren’t good enough, or that you don’t deserve abundance, you will move heaven and earth to achieve this similarly, if you believe success comes naturally to you, you will in fact attract success easily into your life.

Since there is no way to change the fact that our brains deal with our beliefs compulsively we will always fulfil our beliefs no matter what the next best thing is to change our beliefs and expectations so we end up at the right destination. How do we accomplish this? With EFT, of course.

EFT is now becoming the premier tool to help you change your beliefs and expectations so that what you desire comes naturally to you, without all the pushing and struggling. It is not your struggle that makes you abundant, but you vibration about whatever you do. It doesn’t matter if you are a therapist, an artist a conductor or a caretaker. When you delete negative beliefs and raise your vibration, you attract more of your desires in your life. Some of the emotions that will help you attract more of what you want are:

  • Joy
  • Delight
  • Gratitude
  • Appreciation
  • Love
  • Passion
  • Bliss
When you focus on these feelings, you are inevitably raising your vibration to a higher level, thus speeding up the magnetisation (or attraction) of your abundance or personal goals. Some of the feelings that are a natural drag on your vibration, slowing down the realisation of your goals, are:

  • fear
  • helplessness
  • resentment /anger
  • hatred
  • jealousy
  • envy
  • irritation
  • shame
Since we are human, we all have the capacity to feel every one of these emotions. The point is not to pretend you don’t feel negative emotions. The point is to notice when you do, decide if you want to do something about it, and choose one of the available tools to change your felling, redirect your focus, and raise your vibration when you wish to.

EFT is a form of acupressure that uses light tapping instead of needles to stimulate traditional Chinese acupuncture points. The tapping on the designated points on the face and body is combined with verbalising the identified problem followed by a general affirmation phrase. Combining these ingredients of the EFT technique balances the energy system and appears to relieve psychological stress and physiological pain. Restoring the balance of the energy system allows the body and mind to resume their natural healing abilities.

EFT is safe, easy to apply and is non-invasive.

Typically a client will book 6 sessions to start. At my place of business or your home or on a web chat via Skype.

EFT one session £50

EFT 6 sessions £300