The Logos: Is the divine wisdom, manifest in the creation and redemption of the world and often identified with that of this Trinity.
In ancient Greek philosophy it is said to have been the controlling principle in the universe.

However as we move closer to the transformation of consciousness into
fourth and fifth density, we will give us the opportunity to evolve past the three dimensional World. If we are to change and embrace these new challenges the key to this spiritual awareness and the natural progression is to reawaken to your heart.

The vibration energy centre of the chakra system hold some of the answers, the first three chakra – Root, spleen and solar plexus, equate to the three dimensional world. The forth Chakra – heart and fifth chakra – throat, are the fourth and fifth density vibrations needed to make that leap. Its a matter of vibration, the heart vibrates love. This has to be a way of thinking if we are to evolve. We must clear and forgive ourselves of all past transgressions and traumas. Many people vibrate aggression, anger, greed and hatred. We must resolve these issues now to move beyond these limiting thoughts and avoid the cycle of birth and rebirth and repeated mistakes. The key is to acknowledge the soul and the soul is timeless. Listen, be silent for a few minutes each day, pay attention to your intuition, feel what your heart and mind are telling you, then we can make this change. Love can transform humanity.

Consider the physical and spiritual dimensions and the great multi-verse, not one universe but many. We have been observed by other dimensional beings for eons, they are very interested in how we deal with this shift in consciousness.
As we shift dimensions, many other realities shift too. We will become very loving, creative amazing multi-dimensional beings. The mind is not just the physical brain it is much more, we are told we only use 10% of our brains. What is the other 90% for? When this part of the brain is activated our DNA will be altered too transforming us forever. Between now 2012 and 2015 we will be much more than 3 dimensional beings, when this paradigm shift occurs, we will be enlightened, liberated and changed forever.

Do not be fearful, quite the contrary, we are now awakening to the new paradigm. We are source energy co-creators with the creative universal love. We have been enslaved and controlled by ego for too long. In this awakening imagination is the key. The dream -time is crucial in understanding how we can create. When we daydream in that half sleep or the lucid state we do our best creative work; musicians, artists, writers etc all use this faculty. Paul McCartney once said he dreamed the tune for “Yesterday ”. We can all do this and much more. In the deep dream state we can have beautiful visions and do amazing things including healings journeying to multi-dimensional realities, solving problems both physical and spiritual.

The dream world is so real in fact we don’t know which is real, the dream
or the waking world. Until we awake, but are still left wondering about that dream. We also have precognitive dreams, of future events and many people had similar dreams about 09/11. Seeing the destruction of the twin towers, a collective dream is very common. Many people keep journals of their dreams and can work through many issues of self-discovery.

Meditation can also facilitate altered states of consciousness and allow us to tap into the creative imagination. Meditation is practiced by many cultures, Buddhism, Hinduism and transcendental meditation is a way to achieve great peace. Meditation has many benefits, it helps to remove the stresses of daily living, to aide in the change of consciousness and connect to divine source energy. I write and produce my own meditations. They are available to download from the shop.