Dear Alan

Thank you so much for your telephone reading. I was ecstatic with all the information you gave me and also with the messages from my mother from the spirit world. I could not believe that she told you that she saw me giving her an orchid (a lilac one) and the 7 men that carried her coffin. Only she could tell you that, as you were in the UK and I was in South America. I am very happy knowing that she is still watching us from her World and is still with us.

Mrs. Olivia da Cunha

Hi Alan,

Everyone wanted me to tell you how touched they all were by the readings you gave them on Wednesday. I realise you are very busy, but people are already asking me to book the next one for them. . I hope to hear from you soon.

Janet Cummings

Liverpool, UK
Dear Alan

Many thanks for your generosity of spirit, and time. My long trip to Liverpool was well worth it.
All best wishes.



Swindon, Wiltshire
Hi Alan
Just wanted to say that my cousin in America was very pleased with the reading you did for her. Her mum now wants to see you when she next comes back to the UK. My cousin’s parents could put faces to the names you gave her.

You now have another following in the USA.
Thanks again for all your help over the last few years, from all above.



Maghull, Liverpool
Hi Alan

I came for a reading with you on Friday 11th May and wanted to give you some
feedback now that I have had time to listen to the tape and think about some
of the things you told me. I am totally convinced that you had contact with
my husband Steve through some of the things you told me and I must admit
that I was quite sceptical before I saw you. You gave me details about
Steve’s life and our life together that no one could have guessed and some of
the details were amazing, such as him wearing sunglasses in the photograph I have up in the lounge and his mum’s name and his dog’s name I am absolutely blown away by what you told me and comforted beyond belief.

I’ve sat on the bench and I do feel him beside me as you said.
Thank you so much for seeing me and helping me to make some sense of this
tragedy. I’ve told my daughters and Steve’s immediate family and they have
also gained so much from your words.
Particularly his mum who cried so much when she heard you say her name

Can I ask if you pick up vibes on the phone and only see those people you
feel that you need to see or who need to see you for whatever reason,?
As I’ve spoken to people who have tried to see you and have been unsuccessful
or who you do not appear to want to see but it seemed to be so easy for me to get a
reading …was it meant to be or was I just lucky?
I hope that one day I can come to see you again and connect again with my
beloved husband.

Thank you again,

Bev Young

Bev Young