Over the many years as working as a medium I am asked many question on the subject of reincarnation. The following information given to me by my Guides and Inspirers is an explanation of what I have come to understand as God’s natural law.

Reincarnation is the transmigration of the soul. It is the second or new birth into another body after the physical death. Firstly it makes no difference if you believe in reincarnation or not. If you choose not to believe in it the only person it will have an impact on is yourself. In reality imagine a two way continuous swinging door into the physical world and spirit world, this incoming and outgoing is part of the eternal life we are all a part of.

We incarnate into the world of matter many times, primarily for the evolvement of the soul. The story of man’s fall from grace is well documented in many religions and philosophies. They speak of the group of souls that broke away from (God the First Cause oneness.)
This was no accident or mistake. We are God, god is us “All that is” desires experience.

We are co creators with God and are continually experiencing and evolving. We come from a non physical dimension or world. As we experience and create we change the face of god. God wants his/her/ essence of its self to accumulate knowledge

What happens after the physical death? After the physical death we leave the earthly body because it can no longer sustain the non physical. We are non physical beings. The physical body is animated by this essence and without this spiritual complex mind/body/spirit we cannot sustain life. When the body has served its purpose we find ourselves in the non physical world or spiritual dimension .It can sometimes be a shock to find you are still alive albeit in a different reality but we are helped by amazing spiritual people, we will meet our friends and relatives unless of course you had problems with parents or people then you generally would not hope to see them in that Particular level , until the next incarnation, then we will usually have to be reborn with those people but usually in a different guise.

once we find the right connection to the right frequency we experience an unbeleivable super conscious way of experiencing a world of love and peace. This level is so creative, if you started learning something on the Earth that you hadn’t finished, music, art or any creative pursuit you will have the time to continue in the non- physical. this world is not ghostly its a real world of great opportunity to learn and expand and we take this creativity into the next life

The spiritual dimension has many levels. They vary in spiritual colour and vibration. These levels of spiritual awareness are multi-faceted; these are aspects of the higher self. We become the sum of all we have ever been or experienced and the identity or consciousness is that of Gods consciousness. The choices are many, be an individual creator or, be a part of the structured group, or return to and be at one with the god consciousness.

At the end of our earthly incarnation or experience, finally we are released and the conscious soul is once again free from the physical body. It understands its purpose and will see the entire picture as part of something much greater than good or bad deeds.

When “All that is” self desires more experience you will be re-birthed for more experience, to gain more knowledge and thus evolve your multi-faceted god self. How you live your life now will determine your next Life! How we treat people and everything that has consciousness everything on the planet Earth that is animated with life or consciousness is valid so treat them with love. if you have enemies and  continually send them hate and anger, they will be in your next incarnation! So forgive for your own sake otherwise you will have to repeat it all again in your next life and you may well experience  being on the receiving end of hate and violence.

We will then better understand that this process is one of love and joy, evolution of the soul is paramount. Creativity and inspiration stream from the non physical realm in a constant flow. This creative source lies within the heart of all beings and if we allow ourselves to go within in the quietness of our earthly existence, we will find this source or flow of inspiration.

Do Animals reincarnate? Animals are on earth to help mankind and mankind to help animals. All the animals associated with you will be there to greet you when you come to then non physical world. They will remain with you as long as it is necessary because you have helped them gain individuality, its part of theirs and your evolution process.

“It is not part of the plan that needless cruelty, torture and brutality should be inflicted on animals and other species by humans who believe that they have a superior consciousness and are much greater beings. All life is one. The divine spirit animates all who share this planet and we have responsibilities towards one another. You cannot divide life into watertight, rigid compartments. All aspects of life, all species must move forward together.
The animals cannot be left behind while man makes his evolutionary ascent.” Silver Birch” a Native American spirit Guide.

I was inspired and channelled this poem from the higher dimension
to help and inspire us to experience with love and guidance.

Side by side, one in the same
We create God s will within the game
Experience and feelings, to go within
the joy inside for you to win
The golden light of the higher self
Brings joy and peace throughout your life
When we resist we lose the game
The layers of thought, the negative frame
Focused thought with a single aim
Then attraction action will lead you home again
Can’t find the will, the conscious endeavour
The inward journey is a place you’ve known forever
The awakening light gives birth to freedom
To co-create you re god s new vision
Memory clarity of which we are, the inner child
The magical star.
Take heart my friend don’t swim upstream
Go with the flow in life’s wondrous dream

Copyright© Alan Curtis 2007